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The Merkel Holdup – The Money or Your Protection – says Donald.

Germany firmly Rejects Donald Trump’s recent claim “That It ‘Owes Vast Sums of Money’ to NATO, U.S”.

Looks like Donald has decided that along with China, Germany is one of his prime targets for collecting Back Payments and other dues from.

The Trump / Merkel Holdup is now playing out here on the GeoPolitical Stage.

Having arrived back home from her recent Washington visit it seems Angela Merkel, in consultation with her political colleagues, has decided to come out fighting against Donald Trump’s claim that the US is owed big time money by Germany for all those Post-war years of U.S. protection and the long neglected 2% of GDP that Germany has never ever paid in terms of its NATO commitment.

The current masters of today’s highly successful German Economy can smell the coffee, and its burning.

Signalling that the German economic dominance of Europe, despite Germany having very high internal poverty levels, is likely soon over.

The Donald claiming back his “Pound of Flesh” right now and tying it to continued U.S. military protection must have Madame Merkel as concerned and worried as she likely is for her own future political career in this year’s key upcoming German Elections.

Looks like the German Boom Time Party may be coming to an end.

Check out the Merkel face as she tucks into some all important comfort food in these tricky political and economic times.

Bon appétit in Bonn et Berlin.

Trumpet it Out !

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