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The Fake News Russia Story Rumbles on and on and on.

The Fake News Russia Story Rumbles on as the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia Hearing took place yesterday, 20th March 2017.

A quick look through some mainstream news sites just shows how obscure and difficult it is to distinguish the REAL from the FAKE in a world of Information Overload, Willful Disinformation and Complex Geopolitics with a Distrusted Media vying for the attention of a generally Disinterested Public in order to inform them of their particular Spin and Bias of an already Complicated and Obscure story, worthy of a John Grisham or John le Carré Spy Novel.

In keeping with the first days of spring, Tuesday is bright and sunny in Washington. But a “big, grey cloud” hangs over the White House. More Here.

Just hours before FBI Director James Comey was set to testify to Congress about alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election, President Trump on Monday morning again vociferously denied, via a twitter storm, that he or his campaign had any involvement with Kremlin operatives in the run-up to the Nov. 8 vote. More Here.

Trump naturally claimed Russia collusion in election story is ‘fake news’. More Here.

FBI Director James Comey confirmed for the first time that the bureau is investigating possible ties between Republican Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia as Moscow sought to influence the 2016 U.S. election. More Here.

During the testimony the directors of the FBI and National Security Agency gave more details on the extent of Russian influence in the 2016 U.S. election, confirming an open FBI investigation into Moscow’s alleged interference and refuting President Donald Trump’s explosive claim that Trump Tower was wiretapped. More Here.

Comey also confirmed that the F.B.I. Inquiry on Russia; Sees No Evidence of Wiretapping.
The hearing’s featured witnesses: Mr. Comey and Adm. Michael S. Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency. Mr. Comey further said the F.B.I. had “no information” to support President Trump’s allegation that Barack Obama wiretapped him. More Here.


In a tweet before the hearing, Trump wrote: “The Democrats made up and pushed the Russian story as an excuse for running a terrible campaign.”
Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer said he was unaware of any White House official being under investigation by the FBI.
Trump has frequently urged better relations with Russia, which has been at odds with the United States over Ukraine and the Syrian civil war.

Trump also Tweeted : “The NSA and FBI tell Congress that Russia did not influence electoral process”.

Further Claiming The Russia story is ‘FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it!’.

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.

Trumpet it Out !

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